My name is Tyler. I am a radically moderate, non-dogmatic libertarian espousing radically moderate, non-dogmatic libertarianism.

  1. I can prove to you that minimum wage doesn’t increase unemployment three different ways:

    1. If I can leave out the number of people that are already unemployed because of it.
    2. By looking at the aggregate economy. If a bunch of tech companies move in to a state at the same time we raise the minimum wage, we can drown out the unemployment caused from the minimum wage because the jobs created by the tech company (far above minimum wage) will make it appear as though there were not any job losses due to the minimum wage.
    3. By merely looking at small increases of the minimum wage. If I can just use data that has $.01 increase in minimum wage, I can then claim that minimum wage doesn’t cause unemployment.

    Here is my full response to this article claiming that a new analysis debunks the elasticity of minimum wage:

    How incredibly misleading.

    First, it’s a straw man. No one says that, on net, minimum wage reduces the overall job market. They say that minimum wage will create a loss in jobs. This is completely different. For instance, I live in Tennessee. When Amazon came into Chattanooga and Cleveland areas, there was a huge jump in employment. Imagine now if at the same time we jumped minimum wage up at the same time. There might be a net benefit, but there still might be people losing their jobs. The people that lose their jobs are not likely to get the job at Amazon because Amazon pays higher than minimum wage. That’s who we are saying gets hurt the most in the raising of the minimum wage. So, someone who was stuck going to a terrible school in the area, or lives in a low income neighborhood, would be at a huge disadvantage, but the liberals would be screaming “GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH!” because they are looking at AGGREGATE numbers. The fact of the matter is this: the economy is dynamic. You can easily mislead people if you include ALL factors in with the minimum wage. So far, most studies that are not methodologically flawed, show that drastic minimum wage increases causes, not just correlates, with higher unemployment figures.

    Secondly, this doesn’t take into account the increase in the minimum wage. Economists argue elasticity when it comes to minimum wage. So, an increase in $.50 may not cause a huge increase in unemployment anymore than increasing the pack of gum $.50 would cause a drop in quantity demanded.

    Thirdly, and very importantly, this doesn’t take into account people that can’t currently get a job. Imagine minimum wage being $10k an hour. I can easily show you that making it $11k doesn’t cause an increase in unemployment because it doesn’t already taken into account all of the people that are already unemployed because of it. It’s a shell game. If you want true figures, you need to look at those who were fired because their productivity didn’t warrant the wage.

    Please people: don’t let your ideology cloud your critical thinking skills.

  2. just as there are different kinds of government, there are different kinds of anarchy. And just as it would be wrong to evaluate democratic government by looking at the history of communist dictatorships, it would be wrong to evaluate anarcho-capitalism by looking at primitive Indian tribes. To evaluate anarcho-capitalism empirically, one would need to examine an actual society with the sort of institutions that anarcho-capitalists advocate (e.g., a system of competing arbitration companies and competing protection agencies). Unfortunately, there are no such societies.

    — Prof. Mike Huemer

  3. learnliberty:

    We’re live responding to President Obama’s Tumblr Q&A:

    President Obama was just asked about how to bring down the costs of college education.

    Have you seen our video on the expense of college education?

  4. learnliberty:

    We’re live responding to President Obama’s Tumblr Q&A:

    President Obama is discussing the high cost of education and taking education seriously. 

    Here’s a video of ours to consider!

  5. Ten minutes after 4 and Obama hasn’t started his Q&A. What’s a matter whitehouse? Did you hire the same tech guys from

  6. I am trying to take Learn Liberty in a very different direction.

    What do you think Learn Liberty could do to be more effective?

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    Gonna be interning for Learn Liberty this summer!

  8. Anti-foreign-bias seems a more significant and essential culprit for wage gaps then gendered expectations.

    — Dan D’amico

  9. we might want to challenge some of our feminist friends with the following consideration: if patriarchy is real and men have disproportionate power over all of society’s major institutions, why should a feminist trust the government to be the solution to problems like the gender wage gap? Even without assuming patriarchy, given the track record of government in the 20th century and before, why should we believe it will not only care about women’s interests but be able to effectively pursue them? To simultaneously complain about how Congress is controlled by men and still think that the federal government is the solution to men’s oppression of women seems… problematic. And if our feminist friends agree that the state is not the solution, then it would seem we’re all on the same side.

    — Steve Horowitz

  10. Who is your favorite economist?

    I haven’t finished Governing The Commons, but right now I really think it’s Elinor Ostrom.

    I love Selgin and White on monetary economics. I love Buchanan and Tullock on political economy, and I absolutely love Peter Bauer on development economics, but it’s Elinor’s investigations and research that are amazing the most. Not only that, it brings a sense of optimism and just a general good look for humanity in the midst of all of this negativity. I really wish I had gotten to meet her before her passing.